WoW Fishing Bot – Automate Your World of Warcraft Fishing

What is a WoW fishing bot?

The WoW fishing bot from is an application that can be used to automate the fishing process in World of Warcraft (WoW).

The bot will cast “fishing” automatically, then it will locate your fishing bobber and it will catch the fishes when they bite.

How does our World of Warcraft fishing bot work?

When you are fishing, you want to keep an eye on your game and it is important that you follow these simple steps in setting up the bot. It is quite easy to set and use our fishing bot.

Step #1

Download our bot via the button below:

Download Free WoW Fishing Bot from

Step #2

Arrange your fishing pole, and make sure the program is running. Make sure the master volume of the program is set at 100%, likewise the sound must be set at high, while the music is muted or turned to low. Make sure you set the ambiance to low.

Step #3

Locate the ideal spot to fish. You can simply walk to the lake, stream or pond where you want to fish. Make sure you zoom in your screen as much as possible in order to achieve the best possible result.

Step #4

Start fishing. Now that you have received an indication of the presence of fish, on your bot, all you need to do is to press “Start” and sit back while the app performs the miracle for you.

The three main steps comes with the WoW fishing bot program, but you need to keep in mind that when you fish, make sure you pay your ultimate attention to the game.

You should be able to hear when someone whispers or call out for you, so make sure you stay around your computer with your speakers turned on.

Download the WoW Fishing Bot from

Customize the WoW fishing bot for World of Warcraft

You may want to go further by customizing your bot at its user interface. At the top of customizable user interface, there are three options, these are;

  • General fishing
  • Finding Cursor
  • Hearing the fish

To customize your bot, simply click on the General fishing option, and you will see three other options, these are;

  • Delay After Cast
  • Fish Wait Limit
  • Delay After Looting

Delay After Cast

Delay After Cast is simply the amount of time you are required to wait after the cast is made and before a new search is conducted. If you set this time to a very small option, you may skip your big catch and if you set it to too high.

You may waste sufficient amount of time in making your next big catch. You should try and make your Delay After Cast moderately short, but not too short to miss your targets, hence, you should keep it closer to the shorter possible time.

Fish Wait Limit

Fish Wait Limit is simply the time limit for which you can listen to the sound from a fish before giving up or making your next move. When you set this option at long intervals, the effectiveness of the fish bot will decrease.

When you set it at too low, you may miss the fish. The best possible way to use this feature is to set it at a brief interval where you don’t have to listen for more than 10 seconds to cast and catch the fish.

Delay After Looting

Downlad the World of Warcraft Fishing Bot from WoWFishingBot.netDelay After Looting, is an option where you set the time length you need to wait after you caught a fish. Setting this option will depend on individual fisher.

Some may be in a hurry to catch as many fish as they want, hence they set it at low, while others want to increase the option or time limit, if they have the whole day to spend fishing.

If your “Delay After Looting” interval is too long, you may miss several catches, however, you shouldn’t set it to too low to ensure that you have sufficient time to relax in-between your catches and prepare for your next catch.

Usage of the World of Warcraft fishing bot

The World of Warcraft fishing bot can be used on different computers, hence you may want to adjust the screen resolution because it may affect the speed of the computer. Computers with higher screen resolutions may be slower than those with lower screen resolution, you may want to reduce that to maximize the effectiveness of the app.

You should be able to optimize all internal variables especially when you discover that you are catching fishes less than 90% of the time. Tweaking these settings can make a huge difference in the number of fishes caught on the long run.

The program is a simple and robust application that is 99.9% reliable, if you can take your time to master the act of using it to your benefit.

Using the WoW fishing bot from should be safe. However, when you are using it, make sure you are around, and if you have to leave, then you must turn it off to keep your account safe.