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WoW Fishing Bot from – World of Warcraft (WoW) is a massively hit multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) popular among gamers nowadays. For avid fans and players, fishing in Wow is a secondary profession that must be learned in order to thrive in it.

The player can use this skill to restore the hero’s health and enable him to acquire items. There are many aspects of fishing to learn, and it can be daunting for a new player to have to study how to do everything.

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    Table of Contents:

  1. Fishing in World of Warcraft: How is it Done?
  2. What Types of Fish Can You Catch and What Can You Do With Them?
  3. How to Increase Your Fishing Skills and Levels
  4. What Is this World of Warcraft Fishing Bot and How Do You Use It?
  5. Customizing the Application to get Optimum Results

Fishing in World of Warcraft: How is it Done?

Before a player can start fishing in World of Warcraft, he needs to acquire the skill. He does this by approaching a fishing trainer. Then, he can buy fishing poles, lines, and lures at fishing supply vendors. Fishing trainers and fishing supply vendors are usually found near bodies of water where fishing can be done.

If the player’s level doesn’t qualify him to have a fishing pole, he can make a makeshift version with a branch that has a length of string tied to it. When he has increased his skill level, he can go ahead and buy a proper fishing pole.

Not all bodies of water have fish in them. You can only fish in waters that are deep enough. If you try to fish in shallow water, you will get a warning or message that the water is not suitable for fishing.

The presence of a fishing trainer is usually a sign that the water is sufficiently deep to fish in. If you are fishing in a river, a lake, or the seashore, you may need to move to another location to find deep water, or you can wade into the water to be able to cast your line further.

However, if you get in too deep that you have to start swimming, you cannot do any fishing. You have to move to shallower water or find someplace else to catch any fish.

The normal way of fishing in WoW is to stand near a body of water with your fishing equipment. You then face the direction where you want your line to go and, using your fishing skills, cast your line into the water.

You will see a bobber appear in the water attached to your fishing line. Watch it and listen—when it splashes, press Shift + Right Click on the bobber within 3–4 seconds to reel in your fish. If the fish aren’t biting, you can try casting again in another direction or transfer to another location.

You can fish in any position you want, but standing and sitting are the most common. You can even lie down if you wish. The position you choose doesn’t make a difference in how effective you will be in catching fish.

What Types of Fish Can You Catch and What Can You Do With Them?

Normal fish is the most common type of catch. Players can eat this to restore their health. Eating it cooked gives them a higher healing property than the raw ones. Like most fish, you can eat it, sell it, or give it to a fish-eating pet.

Buffing fish, on the other hand, has a higher healing property than normal fish. A few types can only be eaten raw while others can be eaten raw or cooked.

Alchemic fish is useful for creating potions and oils which restore health or grant temporary powers like good luck or invisibility. The player can sell or give these potions to others.

Quest fish is caught only during quests and may or may not have any use.

Trophy fish is primarily used for display, hence the name. They can be fed to hunter pets but offer the same benefits as normal fish of the same type. They can be sent via mail, sold to vendors, auctioned off, or traded.

Some of these fish can be caught only during specific times of the day while some can be caught during certain seasons. If you are aiming for a certain type of fish, it is a good idea to be aware of when you can best catch them.

World of Warcraft Fishing Bot from WoWFishingBot.netMeanwhile, some fish can be caught at any time of the day. It’s also possible that you can catch all of the fish in a certain location, which means that you will have to move in order to catch more.

There are also non-fish items that can be caught when fishing. Containers can have a variety of items inside that you can use, sell, or trade. One item that can be found in containers is the Weather-Beaten Journal. This book can teach a player how to find fish of all types.

Venture Company Crates usually contain some engineering supplies while Trunks can contain useful items such as bolts of cloth, light or heavy leather, Iron ore, and Cobalt ore. A locked chest can be opened by an engineer, blacksmith, or rogue but may only contain items similar to a trunk.

Finally, you can also catch messages in a bottle. These messages are scrolls that may have magical spells, recipes (also referred to as plans or schematics) that contain instructions on how to produce another item, enchantment, spells, or a damp diary. The diary usually has writing on it that may have some clue to the location of the writer whom you must rescue.

How to Increase Your Fishing Skills and Levels

Training will not give you skills, but rather, proficiency levels. Higher levels such as Master fishing and Grand Master fishing are taught in certain areas while ordinary fishing trainers can teach up to Artisan level only.

Increasing your fishing skills is not difficult. Every time you catch something, whether it is a fish or not, your fishing experience will automatically increase on the next skill level.

Also, the more skills you accumulate, the more points you will earn with every fish you catch. For example, your first 100 fish will earn you 1 point per fish, and your next 100 will earn you 1.6 points per fish.

Another way to increase your fishing skills is to use better fishing poles, lines, lures, and apparels. The better equipment you utilize, the more fish you can catch, resulting in a faster increase in your skill level.

Enchanted gloves will also enhance your fishing skills on a permanent basis. These have to be worn to gain a positive effect. Also, a special drink or elixir gives additional but temporary fishing skills after it is consumed by the player’s character.

What Is this World of Warcraft Fishing Bot and How Do You Use It?

Automating most of the fishing process can help a player catch more fish and do it with ease. The fishing bot is an application created to automate the fishing process. With it, you can catch more fish and do other things while fishing.

The bot works outside of the WoW game. Instead, it works with Windows. This is done by controlling the mouse cursor, moving it to where you need it to be and clicking when an event happens (the splash when making a catch is an event).

Unfortunately, since the computer is controlling the mouse cursor, you won’t be able to use the computer for anything else while the bot is running.

Since the bot isn’t part of WoW, even if World of Warcraft requires an update, the WoW fishing bot will continue to work without itself needing an update. Plus, it’s free and open source. You can visit the GitHub page to view the code and suggest changes or fixes.

It’s easy to set up and use. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Download the bot via the button below or by clicking here. You only need to do this once.
  2. Set the Master Volume to 100%, Sound to High, Music to Low, and Ambiance to Low.
  3. Put World of Warcraft in windowed mode and shrink the screen as much as possible.
  4. Go up to a body of water that has fish in it and face the direction you wish to cast your line. Zoom in to maximize effectiveness.
  5. Equip your hero with the fishing pole and ensure that Fishing is in the #1 slot of your action bar.
  6. Click the Start button on the WoW fishing bot.

Download WoW Fishing Bot

That’s all you need to do. The bot will then cast for you and search for the bobber automatically. You don’t need to move the mouse because the bot will also do it for you.

Next, the bot will just wait and listen for the splash sound that signals a catch. When the splash comes, it automatically reels in your catch and makes another one automatically.

You might say that the bot takes the fun out of fishing but being able to fish while staying alert for anything can be an important ability to have in World of Warcraft. You’ll still need to keep watch over the game, but at least your focus is not split between fishing and staying alert.

Customizing the Application to get Optimum Results

You can customize the World of Warcraft fishing bot easily by opening the user interface. At the top, you’ll see three options:

  • General Fishing
  • Finding Cursor
  • Hearing the Fish

Click on the General Fishing option, and you will find three settings:

  1. Delay After Cast

After you cast your line, the bot will wait for this amount of time before it searches for the bobber. If the cursor takes too long to search for the bobber, the fish may bite, but the cursor will not be in the position to make the click and reel in the fish.

That means you lose the catch. If the setting is Too short, the cursor might skip the bobber and miss it. The correct setting for Delay After Cast is just above the Too short setting.

  1. Fish Wait Limit

When you cast your line, the bot will listen for the splashing sound that signals when a fish has taken the bait. If the bot doesn’t hear the splash before the Fish Wait Limit expires, the bot gives up and casts the line once again.

If it is set too low, you might not be giving the fish enough time to take your bait. If it’s too long, you might be wasting too much time waiting for fish that isn’t there. You have to strike a balance between giving the fish enough time to bite and recasting to another spot if the fish aren’t biting.

  1. Delay After Looting

If you catch a fish, Delay After Looting waits this long before making another cast. If you’re in a hurry to catch a lot of fish, set Delay After Looting to a low value. If you’re just looking for a relaxing way to spend the afternoon, you can specify a higher value so you can relax in-between catches.

You will need to experiment to find the optimum settings that will give you the results you’re looking for. Different fishing locations might require different settings to maximize your catch. If you’re looking to catch something other than fish, you might need another setting as well.

The other two options (Finding the Cursor and Hearing the Fish) are more technical in nature. They control how well the bot functions in capturing the cursor and in how well the bot listens for the splash sound that signals a catch. Once these are set, you shouldn’t have to make adjustments in the future.

The World of Warcraft fishing bot is a simple and straightforward, but a reliable program. It only has few controls, unlike other fishing bots that have a lot of functionality built into them that might be unnecessary or complicated to use.

You can also use the World of Warcraft bot on any PC. The only requirement is that the computer must have the .NET Framework installed.

You might also need to adjust the resolution on your display to smoothly operate the game. High-resolution settings on a computer tend to slow down the program.

One final note: bots, though not illegal, are not allowed in World of Warcraft. If you are caught using a bot, you can be banned from the game.

The Wow fishing bot from, however, doesn’t interact with WoW because it is outside of the game, which only simulates the operation of the mouse. Players are advised to limit their fishing activities to only a few hours though.

WoW gamers who are observed fishing in the same spot for 12 hours or even days are usually suspected of using bots so it is a good idea to roam around so that you can react if someone approaches or else, turn the bot off if you have to leave or sleep.